Open House & Meet the Doulas

Do you have any unanswered questions about your upcoming birth and wish to connect with our Four Trimesters team to have all those questions answered?

We would love to invite you to join us for a welcoming into the Four Trimesters community by coming along to our open house & meet the doulas event. Here you will have the opportunity  to find out more about your birthing options in Singapore, and explore alternatives to bridge the gap between the hospital and home birth experience through continuous birth and postpartum support; as well as understand the roadmap to having a good birth experience, come join us for our monthly Open House and Meet the Doulas event to find out more.

Upcoming Event Dates

Due to the current global health crisis and with more pregnant women choosing to stay home whenever they can, we have made the Open House accessible to those who would prefer to watch it from their mobile phones. Find out more about your birthing options in Singapore, Four Trimesters Antenatal Classes & Doula services here:

If you would like to find out more after watching this video, click on the link to 'Talk to Ginny'.

If you would still like to attend an Open House in person, you are more than welcomed to register at one of the dates that suits you best.

Saturdays, 9-11am

To register, simply click on the date that best suits you below:

2 May 2020

6 June 2020

4 July 2020

5 September 2020

3 October 2020

7 November 2020

5 December 2020


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