COVID-19 Measures

Updated 17 June 2020:

As of Phase 2 commencing on 19 June 2020, our antenatal classes are once again currently available as in-person classes with a virtual option. Self-paced online classes will soon be available by end June as an alternative option to in-person or virtual classes.

Welcome to your journey

in bringing a baby into this world...

At Four Trimesters we are passionate about your positive birth experience.  As expecting parents, you search the internet or speak to friends and might find yourself even more anxious or overwhelmed by the negative stories and fear of what may happen. All that, we call “noise” - that gets in your way, therefore you need the RIGHT information to support you through this incredible experience.

Evidence-based knowledge will empower you to make decisions which shape your dream birth, making a birth-plan, choosing an obstetrician and deciding between a hospital or a home birth, making plans on how to cope with pain from a drug free birth to a water birth or epidural - we will inform and support all of your choices.

At Four Trimesters we believe that the birth of a baby marks also the birth of a mother and her birth partner. These are truly magical times. Welcome to your journey.

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