Four Trimesters Antenatal Classes...

...are taught by practicing Birth Doulas who are also in the know of what actually happens at the birth, be it hospital or home births as well as actively supporting women and their families postnatal. They have both the practical and experiential knowledge with years of collective experience poured in to each session.

Oxytocin Equation

Labour smart - not hard

A woman’s body is innately designed to give birth, however most people believe it will be a difficult and painful experience. This belief is formed through media, third party stories or hollywood films. However, it doesn’t have to be this way and you can actually truly open up to the experience and create the birth you desire with empowered knowledge.

At Four Trimesters our “Oxytocin Equation” antenatal classes will empower both the mother and birth partner with the tools necessary to create your birth to be an entirely pleasurable and desired experience. One example is the understanding of how a mother enables oxytocin to go on happy hour, resulting in an easier, shorter, more relaxed and comfortable birth experience, gently welcoming their baby into the world.

In this class, you will learn powerful techniques for relaxation and for preparing the muscles in the body for birth. The knowledge will allow you to make decisions confidently, in the event that complications arise and interventions are suggested in the delivery room

You will create a positive mindset for the pregnancy, labor, birth, and parenting. 

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Antenatal Class cost $995 for 6 lessons (4 hours each) or 3 lessons (8 hours each) , totalling 24 hours.

1. Fill up the online registration form
2. We will contact you within 48 hours of receiving your registration via email/whatsapp to confirm the class availability based on your selection
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4. Once steps 1-3 are completed, confirmation and class details will be sent to your partner and yourself via whatsapp group chat.

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Antenatal Classes


Frequently Asked Questions

In-person antenatal classes will start with a minimum of 4 couples and a maximum of 8 couples in a class, with 1m social distancing measures in place between each couple. There is also an option to attend antenatal classes virtually.
Jyue Jyue Gan

Antenatal Classes

Ginny taught us in the classes on how to assess the doctors given the high rate of c-section delivery in singapore. I asked a lot of questions to my first gynae and found out that he does pretty much 100% guaranteed episiotomies to first time moms, and continuous monitoring during the entire labor which horrified me!! I immediately changed doctors when i found out!

Thanks to the tips i got from Four trimesters classes 😉

During the classes we also talked about postpartum depression, which I experienced and openly talked to my friends about. First month was rough (hormonal changes, sleepless nights, breastfeeding), but after my baby turned one month old, i made sure i had my “me time” - whether i do yoga/pilates classes, gym, walk around the block, getting fresh air and have time away is really important for mommy’s sanity. I feel so blessed to have a supportive husband who can help me take care of our baby before he goes to work.

Another important tip i got from the classes is about breastfeeding. I had to reread my notes from the classes to remember all the tips and tricks from Ginny which i applied to my newborn. She latched perfectly well and gained 2kg in the first 5 weeks! 😉 proud mommy!

My baby girl is now 8 week old, and we are currently in phuket enjoying our amazing holiday!!!

Azlin & Asri

Antenatal Classes

It all started just before midnight on 04 Aug (it was the last episode of Prison Break; as if my baby knows that I love that show! : p). I started to get 'gentle' surges but couldn't fall back to sleep. We went to NUH at around 7am the next morning. I remembered Ginny saying that we should proceed to the hospital if we feel it is safer to do so.

After about 20 hours of labour, our beautiful daughter was born in squatting position at 6.08pm. My hubby was supportive throughout the labour and delivery and I am thankful for that. It was a wonderful experience that I managed to deliver without any drugs.

A big thanks to Ginny for empowering us to have the birth that we will remember. Thank you for recommending Dr Chong. He is an excellent doctor! We are really aiming for a water birth with him for our next child. 🙂

To the mothers who have given birth, congrats to you! And to all the mothers-to-be, jia you!

Thrilled to be first-time parents,

Azlin & Asri

Melissa Lee

Ginny provides valuable hands on practical experience

"My husband & I totally enjoyed Ginny's prenatal classes, we found them very helpful to us as first time parents. We particularly enjoyed Ginny's relaxed, no nonsense, friendly approach to learning. Her classes allow for both the husband and wife to learn, have fun and interact within a like minded group.At the same time Ginny kept her classes focused allowing us to gain in-depth knowledge on parenting. Ginny also provides valuable hands on practical experience post birth allowing the overwhelmed mother to gain confidence, successfully breastfeed and have a general understanding of parenting. We believe that Ginny goes above and beyond the norm and we have no hesitation in recommending Ginny".