Purpose Led Living Workshops 

Ginny Phang-Davey is a living inspiration - from being the first TEDx talk on childbirth which has circulated around the world to having her calling as a Doula featured in The Art of Work written by Jeff Goins. She has been a doula since 2003 and has supported over 1,000 births. She is an Approved Spinning Babies Trainer, a DONA Birth & Postpartum Doula Trainer, and is studying as a student-midwife. She runs Four Trimesters Birth Sanctuary in Singapore where she works with a team of Doulas, healthcare professionals, as well as have expectant families birth in her home.

July 2019


As a Doula and international speaker under the banner of Four Trimesters, now in its 15 year since its inception, Ginny has come a long way in her evolution as an inspiration to many. Most importantly to her 17 year old son who was the inspiration for her life's work.

From a struggling unwed mother trying to make ends meet to now almost reaching a seven figure income and growing in a highly profitable and purposeful business, dedicating her life to supporting that evolution for women just like you - those who share the vision of empowerment of women.

Ginny has come to a point where she realizes that running a business takes you on a very spiritual journey that is parallel to your personal growth. During this workshop, you will uncover how to:

Purpose-Led Living

  • Discover the Legacy you would like to leave behind
  • Aligning your values with the season of your life
  • Materializing dreams into reality

Your path to wealth

  • Understanding the various paths to wealth that is aligned to your life's purpose in the birthing world
  • Understand why birth workers struggle to support themselves and learn how to thrive financially to support your life's purpose

Establishing & building your childbirth business

  • Learning how to establish yourself as a trusted brand in the birthing world
  • Learn how to value your time in exchange for money instead of limiting your self-worth

And so much more to support you in your life's calling!