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Ready to become a birth professional and make a difference in the world?

Our training has the pure intent and philosophy  in recognizing that giving birth is an intimate part of a woman’s and her birth partner’s life and journey. A birth of a baby truly is the birth of a mother and her birth partner, over and over again with every birth. We truly believe that individuals deserve the birth they desire.

By empowering birth professionals through nurtured support and experiential education we truly believe our accreditation allows individuals who are part of a collective of empowered professionals that are trusted and respected by medical institutions and most importantly their clients to feel safe and empowered to experience the birth they truly desire.

We recognize and respect that an empowered mother has the ability to make decisions that can shape her’s and her Childs future and when aligned with an IBPA accredited Birth professional she feels safe to have a voice. A voice that can sometimes be drowned by the intervention of external influences where she may be seen as a medical procedure rather than to trust her intuitive sense of trust in her options. She recognizes that through her IBPA accredited birth professional, she has gained the knowledge and insights to be sure of her own goals and intentions and is guided to her desired outcome through a trusted and experienced source. She feels safe in knowing that her trust in an IBPA birth professional is backed by a collective community of support and experience that facilitates the journey of bringing life into this world.

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