Lindsay Strickland

I am a mother of one incredible, energetic and hilarious human - my son Robert. Our birth experience was incredibly empowering, and we owe a large part of that to the Four Trimesters doula team. With the right people around us, Robert was delivered by vaginal breech (bottom first) and he has grown to be extremely healthy, happy and confident.

We put a large part of this down to the support we received from doulas before, during and after the birth. Doulas honoured our preferences; empowered us to own the experience; and were available with responses to any questions or concerns.

As my child grew and I continued my work as a primary school teacher, I could never quite let go of the idea of becoming a doula and spreading the incredible love that we felt from our doula team. Now, I am honoured to be able to support families on their journey to parenthood through listening, holding space and offering support that is tailored to suit every individual.


Certifications: DONA certified Birth Doula Workshop; Optimal Maternal Positioning Workshop; Spinning Babies Workshop; DONA certified Postpartum Doula; Currently pursuing International Birth Professionals Association (IBPA) Level I Birth & Postpartum continuing education & mentoring

Birth Experience: Low-Risk Vaginal Birth (with and without pain relief and medical interventions); Hospital and Home Birth; Hydrotherapy and Water Birth; High-Risk Vaginal Birth (Breech, VBAC, Twins)

Breastfeeding Experience: Feeding twins; Over/Low Milk Supply; Flat/Inverted Nipples; Tongue Tie; Hand Expression (Blocked Ducts/Mastitis); Milk Storage Practices; Preparing to Return to Work