– Ginny Phang

“The birth of a baby is also the birth of a mother and a father (over and over
again with each birth), and I love facilitating the journey of these parents as
the human spirit unfolds and blossoms through pregnancy, birth and the
fourth trimester.”

I ♥ being a Doula because

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– Janelle Dong

I believe in the mother’s innate ability to trust her maternal
instincts to make safe birth decisions for her family.

I ♥ being a Doula because

– Ong Hui Tze

Supporting and witnessing new parents ease into parenthood gives me great
satisfaction. I believe in “mothering the mother”; every woman (and man!)
deserves all the support during the postpartum phase. It is important for
new parents to be empowered and feel confident to overcome any
challenges that may arrive with the bundle of joy.

I ♥ being a Doula because

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“With our help, you can experience the moment of birth in a relaxed and comfortable state - focused only on the joy of the experience.”

Four Trimesters

Ginny Phang-Davey

I am very blessed to have found my calling as a Doula for (expectant) parents and serve my local community as well as travel around the world as a Trainer to teach healthcare professionals and birth workers. My vision is to leave a legacy for women and their families by shifting the paradigm of birth, empowering women and their families to have the birth she desires and supporting them through early parenthood. I am currently working towards opening Singapore’s first Birth Centre whilst studying as a student midwife and working on a global outreach to improve maternity care.

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Janelle Dong MacBay

I am a mother of two and I enjoy yoga, rock climbing, running, swimming, and traveling. As a chiropractor, it is my passion in life to serve families by providing them with the information and support they need to become healthier. I love to help them develop the confidence to enjoy parenting in a fun and natural way.

I ♥ being a Doula because I believe in the mother’s innate ability to trust her maternal instincts to make safe birth decisions for her family.

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Ong Hui Tze

When my firstborn arrived, I was overwhelmed in every sense of the word. An experience of joy, happiness, tired, worried, sore with my emotions all over the place!

The challenges I faced, especially with breastfeeding truly allowed me to appreciate the importance of equipping oneself with the know-hows on breastfeeding, self-care, baby care and most importantly getting the right postnatal support.

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Amanda Van Zee

Born and raised in Alaska, USA - I am a mother of two amazing, energetic children and I have been married to my dear Husband for nearly 10 years. Together as a family, we have a passion for travel, the outdoors, staying active, and love to explore new things!

My family relocated from the US to Singapore in early 2016, when I decided to become a stay-at-home-mom. Later, in August 2017, our son was born in the peaceful serenity of the Birth Sanctuary here in Singapore.

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Inge Rolvink

I’m from the Netherlands and a mom of two. Having the support of the Fourtrimesters postpartum team was what pulled me through an emotional and physically overwhelming first birth.  When I was pregnant with my second one, I again turned to Fourtrimesters for help. My second baby was born in the Birth sanctuary and I couldn’t have imagined a better experience.

Realising what a difference a doula had made in my own motherhood journey I became a DONA certified doula myself and shortly after joined the Fourtrimesters team.

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Emma O'Murray

Originally from Northern Ireland (Tyrone),  I have called Asia my home for the past 9 years.

I love being a doula because . giving birth is one of the biggest life events any woman or family will have. It should be celebrated and the memory should be treasured forever. Through my own empowering birth experiences, I learned that I wanted to care for pregnant women, new moms and their families. I believe that women deserve to feel protected, respected and supported, as they birth and raise their children. 

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"Do what?"  Just doula!  "Do-lah"

I would articulate as I go into what I call my ‘one-minute elevator speech,’ explaining to astounded faces exactly what a doula does.

Ginny Phang-Davey

a Birth Doula

Postpartum Doula

Doulas at an Open House