Advanced Doula Mentoring Program

The Advanced Doula Training came about because Ginny recognized the lack of mentorship a new doula encountered after the initial doula workshop.   Having kick started the birth scene in Singapore as the first local doula since 2003, Ginny is very well aware of the on-going challenge that new doulas face. Getting the experience that they need to evolve into a good doula takes a helping hand. This is why Ginny decided to engage Marya Molette – Four Trimesters Head Trainer in this new endeavor.   Marya Molette is an OB nurse and fellow Spinning Babies trainer. Ginny and Marya first met at the Spinning Babies Trainers workshop San Diego March 2015. They hit it off immediately and became very good friends. With Ginny the Doula and Marya the Nurse, they have brought together each of their own style, learnings, and experiences into a synergistic working relationship.   Hence the birth of the online Advanced Doula Mentoring program whose aim is to bridge the gap between the new doula status to an experienced doula is now underway.   Ginny balances her time with the multitude of responsibilities as she works towards her vision of leaving a legacy for women – that the work continues even when she is retired - getting Marya on board to train her doulas via Slack, the online platform was the catalyst to enabling the Four Trimesters team of Doulas to offer even better care to the mothers and their families.   Since Spinning Babies was introduced to the Four Trimesters Team together with engaging Marya as our head Trainer, our group cesarean rates went down from 15% to an astounding 5% annually, and the techniques enabled even more clients to achieve a drug free birth.   Having seen the results, both Marya and Ginny are now convinced that its time to start an online advanced mentoring program to enable other Doulas and birth workers to better way to work with women, as well as to bond in sisterhood.  Advanced Doula Mentoring Program Outline
  • Trainers: Marya Molette (L&D Nurse - U.S.A) & Ginny Phang (DONA Birth, Postpartum & Spinning Babies Trainer - Singapore)
  • Online Mentoring (via Slack platform): Both trainers will commit to logging online onto Slack for at least an hour a day to go through questions & queries.
  • Support Group: Live meet up for those based in Singapore; 12 sessions over a 12 month period ie. April 2017 - April 2018. This will be recorded online and participants who are not able to make it can join us live on zoom.
  • Webinars: (1 Birth and 1 Postpartum webinar once a month each
  • Website Listings & Ratings: Implemented in July/Aug 2017
  • For those based in Singapore or come to Singapore to visit and train with us:
  1. Hands-on Training: Opportunity to observe & attend prenatals, births and postnatals with the Four Trimesters Doula Team (min. 10 births from start to end to qualify for the next tier).
  2. New Doula Tier: Attend Births in exchange for certification requirements (min. 10-20 births as primary doula). We charge our clients $500 for the new doula tier: 2 prenatals; birth support; 3 postnatal visits, of which $150 goes to Four Trimesters as admin fees, and the $350 goes to the doula for transport & meal reimbursement.
  3. Hospital Registration: Doula Hospital Registration under Four Trimesters.
  4. Pre-Requisites:
  5. a) Attended DONA Birth and/or Postpartum Doula Workshops with Ginny
  6. b) Attended a Spinning Babies Workshop with Ginny or Marya
  7. c) Active participant in Advanced Doula Mentoring Program
  8. Continuing Education Units: Depending on the hours you have clocked for births/ postpartum, and your participation in Slack/ Trello, we aim to be able to provide you with:
  9. Certificate in Four Trimesters Advanced Doula Mentoring Program (CEUs)
  10. Opportunity to be invited to be a part of Four Trimesters Team
 Program Intake & Cost
  • This 12 month program cost SGD100 per month (Installment payment only) for 12 months, chargeable AFTER the one month trial period is over.
  • Intake opens after either a DONA Birth & Postpartum Doula Training and/or a Spinning Babies Workshop. There are different levels of accessibility based on the workshops that you have signed up for.
 Registration & Payment (Needs to be added)