Private Antenatal Classes


Four Trimesters Antenatal Classes enable parents to have an easy, short, relaxed and comfortable birth, gently welcoming their baby into the world.

6 x Prenatal sessions 

2-2.5hours per prenatal, inclusive of class materials and registration fee. 

To schedule the sessions, please contact or +65 9664 4565. 


What makes the Four Trimesters Antenatal Classes very unique is that is it taught by practising Birth Doulas who are also in the know of what actually happens at the birth be it at the hospital or home births as well as actively supporting women and their families postnatally.

Class 1: Hypnobirthing

Work with your subconscious mind and your emotions towards the birth that you want.

  • Introduction to Hypnosis for Childbirth: How and why it works
  • The innate design of your pregnant and labouring body and how it helps you deliver your baby
  • The Power of Affirmations: How fear affects labour and techniques to work through your fears
  • Deep Relaxation and Hypnosis

Class 2: Preparing your Body for Birthing

Learn techniques to use for relaxation during labour. Learn techniques to use during pregnancy to prepare your body for birth.

  • Hypnosis for Childbirth: Breathing and Relaxation Techniques
  • Spinning Babies* Anatomy and Right Obliquity
  • Spinning Babies* Balancing, Movement and Gravity exercises for Pregnancy, Labour and Birth
  • Prenatal Bonding through Belly Mapping and Belly Painting (optional: only if time permits)

Class 3: Writing your Birth Plan

Make informed choices about your childbirth options to optimize the birth situation regardless of the outcome.  Bridge the gap between what you read, what you understand, and how to apply the knowledge learned.

  • Writing your Birth Plan
  • Understanding the benefits and risks of common medical routine procedures to make an informed choice
  • Communicating your Birth Plan to your Healthcare Providers

Class 4: Labor & Birth

Integrate prior learning and incorporate it into labour and birth. Equip yourself and your birth partner with strategies to handle the progression of labour.

  • How labour starts and the stages of labour
  • When to go to the hospital and what to expect
  • Comfort measures to cope with labour for both you and your birth partner in a progressive labour
  • Spinning Babies* techniques to use to help labour to progress if it slows down or stalls, or to use in a complicated labour

Class 5: Breastfeeding

Understand the art and science of breastfeeding.

  • Introduction to your Baby Care Plan
  • Understand your baby’s needs in the first hour after birth
  • Learn about the physical changes you will experience in the days after the birth
  • Breastfeeding

Class 6: The Fourth Trimester

Understand baby’s needs and communication.  Prepare yourselves for bringing baby home.

Baby Zones in a 24 hour period

  • Ready Zone: Eating & Playing
  • Resting Zone: Light & Deep Sleep
  • SOS: Skin Color, Movement, and Breathing
  • Rebooting: Crying/ Fussing

Baby Care

  • Daily Essentials:
  • Skincare; Diapering; Bathing Do’s & Don’ts; Cord Cleaning; Baby Massage; Burping
  • Baby Wearing
  • Green Baby & Shopping Essentials (optional reading)

Changes within your relationship & Parenting Styles

  • Introduction to Gottman’s Bringing Baby Home
  • Understanding Stages of Development

Your Baby Care Plan

Additional Information

1. Materials

• Four Trimesters Antenatal Class Workbook

• Pens and easy reference information sheets

2.Weekly emails & Whatsapp

WhatsApp group chats will be created where participants will receive summary of what we covered in each class and links and resources for further reading.

We also encourage open communication and discussions in the WhatsApp group chats.

3. Email Support

You can email your instructors your questions or concerns during the duration of the course.

Terms & Conditions: 

We do not offer refunds for antenatal classes. Fees paid are non-refundable and non-transferable.


Four Trimesters Birth Sanctuary, 119 Holland Road, Singapore 278563