New Birth Doula Package


New Birth Doula Package: $500

You will be working with a new doula under Four Trimesters mentoring program.  The package includes labour and birth support and immediate postpartum support for a minimum of 30 minutes.


New Birth Doula Package: $500

The New Birth Doula Package is for clients who are willing to engage Doulas-in-training at a reduced price in exchange for using your birth as part of their Doula certification and experience. The trainee Doulas would have attended births as a training Doula Assistant before embarking on being a primary doula for you, and your birth would be the first 5 births she has attended as a primary doula.

Prenatal Sessions (optional):
Optional prenatal session can be arranged with the new doula in the comfort of your own home, unless preferred otherwise, and would take about 2 hours each time.

Birth Support:
You will notify your  Doula when you are in labor and allow her at least an hour to get to you from the time you have requested for her to be with you both. Your Doula will be with you throughout labor and birth and she will stay to help you with the baby’s first feed.

Terms & Conditions:

  • There is no refund policy available for the New Birth Doula package.
  • You will need to sign a Service Agreement with the new doula directly as Four Trimesters disclaims any and all liability relating to the service provided by the new doula.

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