No one becomes pregnant and says, 

“I want the most dramatic and painful birth experience”.

What would you feel if we were to tell you that, ““You are going to have an easier, shorter, more relaxed and comfortable birth.” What would your immediate thought be?

At Four Trimesters we truly appreciate that everyone wants a good birth experience, however sometimes they simply lack the knowledge or belief that it is possible. The media, our friends and society tell us that childbirth is painful. When we think of the word “childbirth”, the next word we usually think of is “epidural”.

YOU DESERVE THE BIRTH YOU DESIRE, however, it is the noise that gets into the way of you having an easier, shorter, more relaxed and comfortable birth.

When you are in a country where restructured (public) hospitals have an approximate 25-30% cesarean rate and private hospitals have an approximate 40-50% cesarean rate, and an approximate 90% of the mothers who birth vaginally would have an epidural, amongst other birth interventions, it is hard to believe that having an easier, shorter, more relaxed and comfortable birth is possible.

Fortunately, we have a small and growing niche of mothers and their families who are having a better birth experience.  Giving birth is a very special and intimate event. If you prepare for it, it can be a joyous and wonderful experience. A birth of a baby also marks the birth of a mother and father, over and over again, with every birth. A good birth experience enhances bonding and sets the pace for breastfeeding and parenting.

Your roadmap to learning how you can have an easier, shorter, more relaxed and comfortable birth experience is to learn how to work with your hormones and your body to have a shorter birth. Once your birth is short, the need for medical interventions will decrease. Learn what you can do to enable your body to labor smart and not labor hard. If you don’t know your options, you cannot exercise any. Find out what you need to know about your birthing options – an Obgyn, a Paediatrician, a birth team and a place of birth that truly support your choices.

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