Keidi Lin

Founder and Birth Photographer of UNISON PHOTO DONA Certified Birth Doula 2014: Certified as a DONA Birth Doula and began her birth photography company officially. 2015: Attended Gail Tully’s Spinning Babies Workshop


  • Vaginal births (drug-free, Hypnobirthing and with pain-relief)
  • Water births
  • Home births

About me: I love the arts, music, films, reading, culinary arts and meeting new people. I was first introduced to the work of a doula after witnessing Ginny and her team at my best friend’s beautiful home water birth three years ago. It was an intimate, loving, calm and peaceful birth party surrounded by family and close friends, with memories and details still freshly etched in my heart and mind until this day. I had such a supernatural and special connection with birthing at that moment that I knew right then I wanted to serve and to be part of the birthing community in Singapore. I was previously trained in photography and special education. After working as an educator with young children and teenagers with Autism Spectrum Disorder for 10 years, I took a leap of faith and stepped out, following my inner calling to pursue my dream of shooting and documenting home births in Singapore.
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I being a Doula because I have tremendous faith in the ability and the gift of the female’s body to birth gloriously. I believe that every single birth is unique and beautiful on its own. Combining doula work and birth photography, my vision is to create a visual narrative that challenges the common perception that birthing is filled with fear and pain. I believe that beliefs will change in the coming years as people acquire more information and have a higher awareness on this subject. Ultimately, I aim to bring the community together by engaging them in conversations so that they may support and encourage one another as they make more informed choices during their birth journeys.

Keidi was an absolute joy to work with. At the prenatal and postnatal sessions, she was patient and made sure she answered all our questions, complementing her answers with lots of helpful reading materials and references. She really cared for the my well-being and loves kids as well! But where she really shone was when I went into labour. She sat with my husband and me until I was ready to go to the hospital. She kept us well informed of all our options while in the hospital and was a constant calming presence. She kept me focused on breathing and enjoying my labour and helped empower my husband to take control of the entire process. She really kept us centred and happy. Even at my most vulnerable, Keidi was there to remind me to stay calm, cool and in control. Our birthing experience was perfect and we truly believe it was because of Keidi’s wonderfully positive presence. Thank you Keidi and Four Trimesters! 🙂 – Priya Jean

I can’t say enough about Keidi’s support through the entire pre and postnatal birth process. Her patience and assistance with the prenatal visits was fantastic. As new parents, she made sure all of our questions were answered and that we understood all of the stretches and moves to help prep for baby. We absolutely felt emotionally and physically ready for delivery. During my 4 days of early labor, she was the unwavering support I needed and when actual labor started she was on point with helping guide us through the birth plan and options we’d previously discussed. She obviously had a great relationship with our Doctor and the nurses, which helped ease any sense that we had to ‘manage’ logistics with the hospital. She was so supportive in helping my fiancé remind me to breath and drink and also knew when to suggest alternative positions (like lunges!) to keep labor progressing. I think even the nurses were surprised at how much that helped. After a short 5.5 hr entirely drug free and pain free labor, our little 4.2kg miracle arrived perfectly healthy. I have no doubt that Keidi’s support in keeping us relaxed contributed to both baby girl and my healthy and safe delivery. Keidi was also great with helping with breast feeding follow up afterwards. We had some issues getting kiddo to latch and the emotional support and suggestions she provided helped keep us optimistic and relaxed. Overall, we had an amazing experience (and with her photography background even snagged a few brilliant iPhone shots for keeps) and are so grateful for everything Keidi did to help contribute to that. I will never go through labor without a Doula like Keidi after this!! Thank you!! – Jillian Rothe

Keidi has played an extremely important role in the whole birthing process. Prior to the birth of Megan, we had pre-natal session which Kedi was able to share a lot of useful information and insights with us. She demonstrated a very good understanding of the relevant topics and was able to help reassured me and Kelly on areas that we were uncertain about. However, the greatest contribution that Keidi made was on birthing day. We called her early in the morning when Kelly started her contractions early in the day. Keidi joined us at our house at around 10am, When her contractions started to get more frequent, I was under the impression that we needed to go to the hospital. Keidi was able to advise me that the contractions are not as intense yet and the frequency are not very consistent. Thanks to her advice, we only headed to the hospital at 6ish. Otherwise we would have ended up waiting for 5 hours at the hospital. At home, we were able to do a number of exercises. To be honest, given the pain that Kelly was going through, I might not have persisted with some of the exercises. Thankful for her presence, we were able to carried out a number of exercises which would helped Kelly in the birthing process. We finally left for the hospital around 6ish and Kelly was found to be around 5 to 6 cm dilated. Throughout the 5 hours leading up to the birth of our daughter, Megan, Keidi was very supportive and encouraging to both Kelly and myself. She was providing a lot of positive energy to Kelly and most importantly was praying together with Kelly. In the midst of all the pain, we were able to do a number of exercises. At the end , we had the birthing experience that we wanted, which was a natural, drug free and even a miraculous , grace-filled experience. In the weeks that followed, Keidi dropped by our place to check on baby Megan and how Kelly was doing with regards to breastfeeding. We are extremely grateful to Keidi and four trimesters for the wonderful experience and great support given to us leading up to the birth. – Kelly & Max

Keidi was extremely patient and supportive throughout my labour. She encouraged me to try different positions to enable labour to progress quicker naturally. She also advised us at the appropriate time about how to achieve a vaginal birth when I failed to make progress during labour. She encouraged my baby to breast feed immediately after the birth and gave us tips about how to achieve successful breast feeding. She also helped us make better decisions about where to source clean baby products and was always prompt in answering any questions we had. Overall she made me feel at ease and was enthusiastic about helping us achieve a memorable birthing experience. – Maithreyi Ramdas

When we first met Keidi, we immediately felt positive energy radiating from her genuine, sweet spirit. We really believe working as a doula is her calling. Keidi genuinely cared about making the experience of labor and delivery our own. From the beginning of our pre-natal sessions to post-natal and beyond, she never ceased to show her warmth and thoughtfulness.
Keidi was at another labor when I started contractions. Despite pulling an all-nighter and getting just a few hours of shut-eye before meeting me (backup doula Joycelyn filled in wonderfully at the beginning), she left any trace of fatigue outside the hospital. She was focused on the baby and on me the entire time, and my labor at the hospital lasted close to 30 hours! Her presence and continuous optimism really eased any anxiety my husband and I had, especially in our state of exhaustion.
Keidi was very encouraging, guiding us through exercises and giving us very objective advice when nurses would intervene and ask questions. She was very receptive to my needs. She kept me comfortable throughout labor, and I barely spoke through the process!
Keidi was instrumental to the success of our natural birth. Her empathy toward my needs before, during and after birth was truly a gift.
Thank you, Keidi, for being our doula! – Janny & Eric

Keidi is fantastic! She’s a very good listener and made us both feel comfortable from the beginning. The sessions with Keidi were very helpful to refresh some important topics from class and to address the questions we had. Keidi’s role during labor and birth was unforgettable. She made me feel empowered in my choices and supported through and through. I know my husband is “my rock” (as Ginny always said), but I could not have had such a positive birth experience without Keidi. If she had not been there to guide us, the outcome could have easily been very different given the slow dilation and baby’s unfavourable position. I definitely recommend Keidi to anyone looking for a doula who is warm but focused at the same time. I will always keep a special place for Keidi in my heart.– Patricia Cruz

Keidi is a fantastic Doula! From the moment we met her we knew she would be the perfect match for us. We highly valued her excellent communication skills. Keidi is very responsive, which really reassured us, especially during labour. She is adept at explaining the basics very well, while also conveying complex circumstances in a simple and understandable manner. When we had a late switch with our OBGYN and hospital, Keidi handled the situation with professionalism, speed and rapid appointment making!
Keidi is completely non-judgemental, and has a way of putting you completely at ease. Her calm nature and great sense of humour helped guide us in achieving the birth experience that we wanted.
Along with the Four Trimesters antenatal classes, and plenty of preparation, we had an extremely positive birth experience. Keidi’s support exceeded our expectations and we couldn’t have done it without her. We would thoroughly recommend Keidi as a Doula! – Emily Cooper

Like many of the Four Trimesters prenatal classes attendees, I was very skeptical as to what the role of a Doula really was. I questioned whether it was really a necessity and if not for insurance covering it, probably would not have gone with a Doula out of ignorance of the role.
Looking back, I am very glad that we did have you. Not doing so, would have been the biggest mistake ever in our young parenting lives. The reality is, I cannot imagine going through all that (from pre-home-labour to home-labour to the actual in-hospital experience) without you (Keidi) and Janelle. Having you there took away a lot of the uncertainties and fears, and really helped make the birth experience a positive one. Ya, we did not execute to the birth plan, but I always told Vanessa that we would do whatever was safest for the mother and the baby (in that order) at that point in time. I would have made the same decision if I had to make it again.
Similarly, I now recommend the service of a Doula to every couple that I meet. Having you there made a world of a difference, and I cannot express the gratitude in words. I just cannot imagine any birth experience now without a Doula =).
Thank you to the Four Trimesters Team for everything you guys have done for Vanessa, Tristan, and myself. – Colin Ng

We came to Four Trimesters late in term, with only four weeks to the arrival of our first child; following a late switch in doctor and hospital. Doulas Ginny and Keidi were most accommodating to our situation, and aligned with our desire for natural delivery. They accelerated our classes and birth planning with them. The team was always responsive, no matter how big or small our questions were. When our daughter decided to arrive two weeks early from her due date, Keidi was supporting us – from early labor from home, to calling the hospital in advance of our arrival, to joining us in the delivery suite soon after. She provided a great deal of physical assistance and emotional reassurance throughout our successful natural delivery. The support we received post-natal was also superb – from assistance with breastfeeding to our daughter’s care. Whether during visits or via text, again, the team was responsive no matter how big or small our questions. Overall, we had an amazing birth experience, and one we are truly thankful to the Four Trimesters gang for helping us realize.

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