Janelle Dong

DONA Certified Birth Doula, Doctor of Chiropractic (U.S.A.), Director of Pinnacle Chiropractic Health Group, Instructor for Four Trimesters Antenatal Group Classes

2007: Graduated from Life Chiropractic College West in San Francisco with a clinical excellence award and highest honors. Specialized in Pediatrics and Women’s Health.
2008: Moved to Singapore and co-founded Pinnacle Chiropractic Health Group
2013: Became a DONA certified Birth Doula
2015: Attended Gail Tully’s Spinning Babies Workshop

About me:

I am a mother of two and I enjoy yoga, rock climbing, running, swimming, and traveling. As a chiropractor, It is my passion in life to serve families by providing them with the information and support they need to become healthier. I love to help them develop the confidence to enjoy parenting in a fun and natural way.

I being a Doula because

“I believe in the mother’s innate ability to trust her maternal instincts to make safe birth decisions for her family.”

It is my passion to serve families with information and support to nurture their minds, bodies and spirits. Every family deserves to have a meaningful birth experience that resonates with who they truly are. My work as a doula is to provide informational support to help them get there. Pregnancy, childbirth and parenthood are things that cannot be learned from a book; they are natural transformations that come from within us. I love being a doula because I am constantly amazed by the power of human nature.

When I first learned about the role of a doula, I immediately felt this was what I needed – being abroad and away from my mother. At the same time, to be honest, I had some worries if having a doula would keep my husband and I from sharing very intimate and loving time of welcoming our own baby.
And for that, Janelle was my perfect doula who proved there was nothing to worry about. She was a calm, gentle and inspirational supporter who knew exactly when I needed her, negotiation with hospital stuff, encouragement, help, advice, reassurance, praises whatever it was. And when it was my husband I needed or some private family moment, before we knew it, there was only us. Or at least I felt that way! It is like she had some magic to be visible and invisible at command!!!! Oh and those magical massages she gave me was worth anything and everything. My daughter’s birth was simply perfect and very fond memory of our family and I cannot thank Janelle enough for that!!! xoxo
– Sayuri