Constance Chiang

DONA Certified Birth and Postpartum Doula; Maternity and Child Sleep Consultant™; Eco-Maternity Consultant™; Instructor for Four Trimesters Antenatal Group Classes

2011: Certified DONA Birth Doula; Breastfeeding Counselor for Breastfeeding Mothers’ Support Group
2013: Green Birth Educator/Green Proofer and, Maternity and Child Sleep Consultant Training
2014: Certified DONA Postpartum Doula
2015: Attended Gail Tully’s Spinning Babies Workshop


  • Vaginal births (drug-free, Hypnobirthing and with pain-relief)
  • Water births
  • Home births
  • Cesareans

About Me:

I am a mother of two boys. I grew up in Singapore but lived in Australia, London and the USA for a short time. I enjoy traveling and the three S’s of scuba diving, scrapbooking and shopping!

I being a Doula because

“I believe strongly in the importance of labor support, helping the expectant mother to have a positive and happy birth experience so that both parents can enjoy their new parenting roles.”

The support I received when I was expecting my first child made me realise that no matter what decision you make regarding the birth or care of your newborn, it is important to make informed choices and not go into anything blindly. I hope to empower not only my clients but other mothers whom I’ve come across in my work to make informed decisions for themselves and their babies, and to provide an all around maternity related service both pre and postnatally.”

“I was apprehensive when we started classes with Four Trimesters, not realizing that both Ginny and Constance were simply amazing and I had such a blast! The lessons I went through were unreal –  a whole new dimension to the baby world. Everything I learned made the pregnancy even more beautiful and the respect I had for my wife grew so much more. I was just so ready for our 2nd girl when the day came. This was going to be so much more different. I had only stood by and watched the birth of our first child. But this time I was going to play a part. Doula Constance had drilled into me a very important lesson, “Be calm. Your wife will need you.”

Constance received us at the hospital and made sure we knew what to do and helped us prep the room the way we had planned. She was of great help guiding me as she comforted and kept my wife calm. It was obvious she was making sure that I remained calm too. The birth was the grand finale. It was now my turn to spring into action – having been “doula” trained, I got my camera ready. All the training and lessons kicked in. The birth was an amazingly beautiful experience. I will only spend years trying to find a word to describe the experience. Indescribable! Thank you so much! No way would I have managed this better. No way would I have appreciated this more. My wife Yoges had wanted this so much. You helped her achieve the most important experience to her in a woman’s life…the experience of a natural birth mother.”
– Suraj