Optimal Maternal Positioning

Doulas have a multitude of strategies to help women deliver their babies, from movements and stretches to breathing techniques and visualizations. The work of a doula is an art; she helps a mother to paint the story of the birth of her child. However, the work of a doula can be lacking in scientific methods, relying on trial and error and a little bit of luck.  


When Ginny Phang-Davey came across the various methods of many inspiring mentors she realized that it was the missing scientific piece needed to take her work as a doula to the next level. Optimal Maternal Positioning is the art and science of giving birth to give the mother a smooth birthing experience. Since then, Ginny has now taught over 1000 people in 10 countries and 23 cities around the world.

This knowledge gives healthcare providers a well-rounded understanding of all the pieces that come into play—like pelvic tone and symmetry—when a baby is making his or her way into the world. It’s not all about dilation; it’s about the baby’s specific point of view and the obstacles that can be encountered during birth.

In this workshop, you will learn how the muscles, fascia, ligaments, and the pelvis work together to bring baby into an ideal position. The Principles of Body Balancing during pregnancy, Gravity, and Movement will help you understand the role each part of a woman’s anatomy plays in birth and delivery. Specific methods will be provided for changing posterior position and reducing breech and transverse lie, thereby reducing the need for a cesarean delivery. When labor stalls, there are often distinct reasons for the hold-up.   Understanding baby’s location at every point will help you to remove the indicated obstacles through the three principles.

Labor can progress naturally through Optimal Maternal positioning.

Optimal Maternal Positioning will revolutionize the work of doulas and midwives and is valuable for anyone who works with pregnant women. Osteopaths, physiotherapists, chiropractors, nurses and yoga instructors can especially benefit from Optimal Maternal Positioning as it presents birth as a complete picture, with all parts of the body working together to birth seamlessly.

When provided with this information during her pregnancy, a woman can add the appropriate elements into her regime to prepare her body physically for an ideal delivery.

Optimal Maternal Positioning Class Outline


  • Introduction
  • Optimal Maternal Positioning Concepts
  • Anatomy


  • Morning Tea Break


  • Balance during Pregnancy
  • Rest-Smart Maternal Positioning
  • Belly Mapping

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