The Fourth Trimester Antenatal Group Classes are led by your team of fun-loving Doulas and Childbirth Educators – Ginny Phang, Janelle Dong, and Constance Chiang. Ginny teaches classes 1-5, Janelle teaches class 6 on Saturdays and Constance teaches class 6 on Sundays. We take pride in educating and facilitating fun, educational, up-to-date and empowering antenatal classes designed to help you survive the first six weeks postpartum.

Ginny Phang

4Trimesters_Team_Portraits_016 Ginny Phang is the head doula of her dynamic team at Four Trimesters. She loves facilitating and teaching classes and still gets her feet wet attending births. She takes pride in helping mothers breastfeed successfully and gets her weekly oxytocin from the babies at the Four Trimesters weekly Friday Parents Circle. She constantly feels blessed to be living her life’s calling by serving and protecting women and their families. Click here to learn more about Ginny.

Dr. Janelle Dong


Dr. Janelle Dong is a passionate and motivated natural health and wellness speaker based in Singapore. After graduating from Life Chiropractic College West in San Francisco with a clinical excellence award and highest honors, Dr. Janelle relocated to Singapore with her husband, Dr. Derek MacBay. The dynamic team currently owns their practice, Pinnacle Chiropractic Health Group, in Kovan area and empowers families to achieve their greatest health potential on a daily basis. Dr. Janelle specializes in pediatric chiropractic and women’s health.

In 2012, Dr. Janelle gave birth to her baby girl, Kaia Christina, at a blissful planned home birth in San Francisco. Inspired by her own birth story, Dr. Janelle decided to train with Ginny Phang of Four Trimesters to become a DONA certified Birth Doula starting in early 2013.

Now a mother of two, she enjoys yoga, rock climbing, running, swimming, and traveling. It is her passion in life to serve families by providing them with the information and support they need. She nurtures mind, body, and spirit by giving them a unique understanding of the innate wisdom of their own bodies and thus, their own potential. She is excited to provide families with accurate and applicable information so they can develop the confidence to enjoy parenting in a fun and natural way. Click here to read more about Janelle’s work as a doula.

Constance Chiang


Constance Chiang began her maternity care journey shortly after the birth of her first child. She received her DONA Birth Doula certification in 2011 and is IMI certified Eco-Maternity. Having received her Maternity & Child Sleep Consultant certification in 2013, she knows firsthand the importance of sleep to new parents. She helps parents to understand infant and child sleep better so that the whole family’s sleep can be improved.

A mother of two boys, she enjoys scrapbooking whenever she can find time and loves spending time out at sea with her family. Her personal journey into motherhood sparked her desire to share a more holistic approach to pregnancy, childbirth and postnatal care with other parents. She believes that good support before and after baby’s arrival is crucial to experiencing a positive journey into parenthood. She enjoys educating and informing new parents so that they can make informed choices. She hopes to help each family to take small, simple and sustainable steps towards living a healthier lifestyle. Click here to read more about Constance’s work as a doula.