Sandra was our doula from Four Trimesters for the birth of our son on 19

January 2013.

Since we first met Sandra, we have felt comfortable with her friendly manner. On the day of the birth, Sandy felt reassured by Sandra’s guidance and prompt response since the early labour sign occurred. As we left for the hospital in a taxi, Sandy’s water broke unexpectedly and she could feel the baby coming out. Sandra assisted with liaising with our obstetrician and a decision was made to return to our home.

We ended up having an unplanned home birth and we immediately felt comforted when Sandra arrived at our home. She calmly guided Sandy through her surges and giving her the reassurance that she needed. Our obstetrician arrived shortly after and together as a team, our doctor and Sandra safely delivered our son.

Post the delivery, Sandra guided us through the first breastfeed and everything felt easy for us. While Sandy was feeding, Sandra took care of Sandy at the same time – cleaning her up, changing her clothes, repositioning her for the feed and making sure that Sandy was comfortable and was able to enjoy her bonding time with our son.

After the feed, Sandra cleaned and dressed our son. Sandra only left our place after ensuring that we were confident and were equipped with the necessary skill and knowledge until our next meeting.

We continued to message Sandra in the next few days with any questions that we had. Sandra always answered us promptly with the information that we needed. Sandra also checked on us regularly, through Whatsapp and during postnatal session, to ensure we were doing well if she hadn’t heard from us for some time.

The first few weeks was made easier for us because of her care.

All in all – the unplanned home birth was an experience that we would never forget. We would always look back on it with fondness and gratitude. We were extremely grateful that Sandra was there to make our birth experience a positive and safe one. Thank you a thousand times, Sandra, for doulaing with a warm heart! We are so glad that you’re a part of our son’s birth story!

~ The Chan Family: Ciaran, Sandy, Siobhan & Aidan (Singapore, 2013) ~