Four Trimesters John Gottman’s ‘Bringing Baby Home’ workshop for couples


Even the strongest relationships are strained during the transition to parenthood. Lack of sleep, never-ending housework and new fiscal concerns can lead to profound stress and a decline in marital satisfaction – all of which affect the care of your baby. Not surprisingly, 69% of new parents experience conflict, disappointment and hurt feelings.

You can prevent these hardships with our Bringing Baby Home class. The Gottman research-based workshops prepare couples for life with baby and help them become the best parenting team possible.
In a relaxed and supportive environment, you will learn to strengthen your relationship. This will help you foster your baby’s development during this challenging time. The sessions build on what Dr. Gottman and colleagues found to be the best predictor of marital adjustment after baby arrives: the quality of friendship in the marriage.

This program combines scientific research and public education to improve the quality of life for babies and children by strengthening their families. It teaches new parents how to gain relationship satisfaction and create healthy social, emotional and intellectual development for their children. This kind of investment in the foundation of your family is immeasurably important.

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This program combines scientific research and public education to improve the quality of life for babies and children by strengthening their families. It teaches new parents how to gain relationship satisfaction and create healthy social, emotional and intellectual development for their children.

In this workshop couples gain a sense of empowerment by learning new skills to:
• Prepare for the transition to parenthood
• Maintain relationship satisfaction after having a baby
• Promote positive parent-baby interactions
• Promote quality involvement for both parents
• Reduce the incidence or severity of postpartum mood disorders
Session 1:

– Moving through time together
– Love Maps – Knowing each other
– Strengthening Friendship, Understanding Communication & Admiration
– The Emotional Bank Account: Bids and Turning Towards
– Creating a Culture of Appreciation

Session 2:

– The Daily Stress Reducing Conversation
– Regulating Conflict
– The Four Warning Signs of Relationship Meltdown

Session 3:

– The Four Steps of Constructive Problem Solving
– Honoring Mothers and Fathers
– The Importance of Fathers

Session 4:

– Understanding Baby Blues, Postpartum Mood Disorders and other Mental Health Issues
– Connecting with Children
– Preserving Intimacy and Romance in your Relationship
– Creating Shared Meaning, Values and Rituals of Connection

Saturday Weekend Group Classes (4 sessions x 3.5 hours: Sats, 7 – 10.30pm):
  • 25 Feb, 4, 11 & 18 Mar 2017
  • 20, 27 May, 3 & 10 Jun 2017
  • 12, 19, 26 Aug, 2 Sep 2017
  • 4, 11, 18, 25 Nov 2017

Venue: 119 Holland Road. S278563.

Bringing Baby Home (BBH) quarterly support groups are free for parents who have already attended the workshop. For couples who would like to join and have a taste of what the Bringing Baby Home workshop is all about, there is a $50 fee per couple that can be redeemed when you sign up for a BBH workshop with us. Click on the dates of the support group you wish to attend to register.
Sats, 7 – 9.30pm:

Venue: 119 Holland Road. S278563.

“I am so thankful to have met Ginny. I first met her when I signed up for antenatal classes with Four Trimesters when we were expecting our first baby. Her classes were just AMAZING in preparing us for our new roles as parents. Thanks to her and her doula service, we had a drug-free birth after soldiering on for 27 hours and am proud to say that I am still breastfeeding 11 months on. At that point, we were also at crossroads as we were starting a couple of businesses in pottery and Ginny was a cheerleader and a big supporter of my belly pots which gave me the confidence that my novel idea might actually work. When I was struggling as a new mother and an entrepreneur, I went back to her and asked her to coach me. When she agreed and when we started, I didn’t realise how transformational that experience would be for me. Ginny challenges, pushes and is no-nonsense. This coupled with her commitment and her selflessness in helping you makes for a relationship that is authentic and nurturing to nudge you to aspire to be the best that you can be. I cherish and value the evolving relationship that I have with her. She has a wonderful gift of picking up on what you may need to get your soul going. For example, she suggested that my husband and I go for her newly launched Bringing Home Baby Gottman Workshop (which is so awesome) when we were experiencing a trying period post-baby and as new business owners. I am so glad that I went through the workshop with my husband as it got to the core of the issues we were grappling with and Ginny facilitated unspeakable topics so elegantly during the workshop that made the sessions a safe haven to address these topics, just as her antenatal classes are. I am in a better place today because of Ginny’s involvement in my life and for that I am so so so grateful. ” – Amutha, business owner of /

“For any new or expecting parents, I would highly recommend the Bringing Baby Home course with Ginny. As a husband and father of 2 kids, I found the four-week course really worthwhile and it’s opened my eyes to plenty of things both in my relationship with my wife and with my kids. Everything is broken down in simple terms and the info is presented in a way that’s easy to follow and relate to.” – Ben

“The Bringing Baby Home course brought my attention to things I had not considered before and reminded me of what I had forgotten.
It equipped me with knowledge and tools to be better at handling day to day scenarios.
We were given very do-able and motivating tasks each week that enriched us individually and as a couple.
The knowledge we gained from the course enabled me to want to put more effort and care into how I do and say things.
A marriage cannot work if you don’t want it to work and don’t take the time each day to help it grow.
Going through the course with Ginny helps remind you of why you are in the relationship you are in and how you can move forward making things better for yourself and your partner – and in turn your child/children.” – Kathy