DONA Doula Training

“Do what?”
Just doula! “Do-lah”

I would articulate as I go into what I call my ‘one-minute elevator speech,’ explaining to astounded faces exactly what a doula does.

-Ginny Phang-Davey


Birth Doula

A Birth Doula is essentially a birth coach. She supports the expectant parents by providing information and emotional and physical support, enabling them to have their unique best birth experience, regardless of the outcome.

During the pregnancy, she works together with the parents as a team to help determine what is important to them during the birth experience. She then puts together a plan to help them achieve exactly what they want. During the birth itself, she is there to support, reassure and encourage both the mother and the father. After the birth, she is there to help ease the transition into breastfeeding and parenting, enabling the parents to feel supported throughout.

Many women who aspire to become doulas have had a doula at their birth and had such a wonderful experience that they want to help other women achieve the same thing. Some women have experienced a less-than-ideal birth, wish that they could have had a doula at their birth and wish the same for everyone else. Some women have not given birth at all but want to serve other women during this incredible time in their lives. What unites these women is the belief that women and their families deserve to have a positive and safe birthing experience that they will look back on with satisfaction for the rest of their lives.

The Postpartum Doula

A Postpartum Doula is essentially the ‘jack of all trades’ on mothering and newborn care. She supports the new parents by providing information, emotional support and heaps of practical support, thereby easing the transition into parenthood.

During the pregnancy, she meets with the parents to find out their needs and concerns for the postpartum period. She then works with them to prepare a plan to help them achieve a smooth transition into parenthood. After the birth, she supports the parents with breastfeeding or bottle feeding, newborn care and postpartum issues. Most importantly, she teaches the parents practical tricks and tips for coping with the stress of a newborn so that they can really enjoy this special time.

If you would like to make a profound impact on someone’s life, come join Singapore’s DONA Doula workshops. This is your first step to becoming certified with the largest and the oldest doula organization in the world and share the Four Trimesters Vision of improving maternity care for women and their families.


“When I attended my first DONA International conference in 2006 in the USA, I was in a room full of more than 200 Doulas. Oh my goodness, what a wonderful experience to be a place where everyone understands what you do as a Doula and is happy to doula you through your journey as a Doula. The feeling is phenomenal. Having initially trained as a Doula via an online distance program, I highly recommend training with DONA International for a more supportive and professional experience!”

- Ginny Phang-Davey

DONA International 

It is an exciting time to be a DONA International doula, a member of the premier doula association in the world. Women across the globe appreciate and value the experience of having a knowledgeable, experienced companion who stays with them through labor, birth and beyond. Birth doulas offer emotional support, encouragement and wisdom throughout labor and birth. Postpartum doulas support women and families through the transformation that a new baby brings to a family.

With over 7000 birth and postpartum doula members and growing, DONA International is the largest doula association in the world. We support doulas by providing quality training and meaningful certification. We serve mothers and families by providing access to information and research about doulas, childbirth and the postpartum experience. DONA International certification sets the bar for doula education and professional development. It indicates to families that a doula has achieved a high level of training and professionalism.

DONA Birth Doula Workshop

Learn about the growing and expanding role of the birth doula (in Singapore) and delve into the ‘basics of childbirth’.

  • DONA International; Scope of Practice; and Code of Ethics
  • Understanding stages of labour
  • Introduction to the Birth Plan and its importance in understanding medical interventions and how choices parents make affects the outcome of the plan
  • Birth Plan Role-Play

DONA Postpartum Doula Workshop

Learn about the growing and expanding role of the postpartum doula (in Singapore).

  • DONA International; Scope of Practice; and Code of Ethics
  • Communication & Reflection Listening
  • Prenatal & Postnatal Contact
  • Case Study Discussions & Framework

I jumped at the opportunity to train with Ginny

This workshop has taught me a lot more about oneself and the ‘surrounding’ skills to be a better doula. Ginny was excellent in giving personal anecdotes that made it all the more real and encouraging to us new aspiring doulas. It comforted me to know that I could do the course with my little bub present so that I could actually attend!
I have 3 kids and all my birth experiences were different. I engaged Doula services for my second and third births and Ginny was my doula for the third one. She coached me on breathing and visualizing techniques at every step of my labor to help me relax and hasten the labor process. Her presence gave me a great sense of peace and confidence, empowering me to birth a 4kg baby naturally, drug-free and the way I wanted. I could not have done it without her. I have come to know Ginny and recognize that she does her work with compassion – she puts her whole heart into it, which gives her the ability to empathize with pregnant women, their fears as well as their physical, mental and emotional needs. This made me want to be a Doula myself because Doula work is more than just about birthing. When I learnt about the Doula Workshop, I jumped at the opportunity to train with Ginny. It is already a privilege to have Ginny as my Doula but also a bigger privilege to have her as my Doula Trainer. Every lesson is exciting and enjoyable as the program is highly interactive and interesting. She possesses a wealth of knowledge and experience as a Doula and is passionate and unselfish in her teaching, always patient to explain things in detail. Ginny is an exceptionally talented trainer who knows how to deliver an interesting, stimulating, challenging and fun program. For anyone who wants to be a Doula, this is the place to be!

Sufen Papharanssang

Penny Simkin was such a privilege

I attended my first birth as a Doula 11 years ago. Even though I did not have a Doula at my own birth, it felt like I was slipping into a pair of old, familiar shoes. And now, more than 1,000 births later, I can definitely say that Doula work is my calling. Training with DONA International and directly under birth legend Penny Simkin was such a privilege. She taught me that “Doulaing with a warm heart is all that matters” and until today, no matter where I am at with a laboring mother, coming from the heart is all that truly matters.

Ginny Phany-Davey