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With an increasing desire to plan a natural birth, it is no wonder that families are seeking alternative therapies to help support a healthy pregnancy. Chiropractic care during pregnancy gives your growing and changing body the best opportunity to fully express its innate health potential and wellbeing. We specialise in specifically aligning the vertebral (spinal) bones that have, over the years, shifted out of its proper position, thus decreasing the nerve flow from the brain to the rest of the body. When we have decreased connection between our mind and body, then dysfunction begins to occur – and at times, this is revealed as pain, but sometimes it is communicated as low energy, improper digestion, low immunity, dizziness, just to name a few.

Structurally, the constantly changing pregnant body is an amazing testament to the power of the maternal human frame to adapt intelligently. Although we were designed to carry babies as mothers, we were not designed to sit in chairs for long hours, undergo decades of stress (chemically, biologically, and mentally), work long hours and even wear high heels! These daily stresses can leave a significant impact on our bodies and its not until we start to breakdown, that we truly understand its importance. Chiropractic care takes the stress off of your spine, increases the vitality running through your systems, balances your pelvis and lower spine and most importantly, chiropractic adjustments help to give your little one(s) the best chance to develop free of constraint and to be in the best possible position for a safer labor and easier birth.

Yes; In fact, it helps make pregnancy safer and more enjoyable for everyone involved!
Since our chiropractic clinic differs from most clinics in that we specialise in serving pregnant women and children, we are fully equipped with special tables (which allow you a variety of positions to be in to receive adjustments) and pillows to help make the chiropractic adjustment comfortable for everyone in the family (including newborns). We see women anywhere from preconception up until the day they go into labor (which has happened many times on our tables!). After a thorough consultation and spinal examination, we will recommend a care plan to help support you through your entire pregnancy. This care plan includes the frequency of your chiropractic adjustments which depends on what we observe during your examination. A chiropractic adjustment is done manually, by hand, and is a specific and quick pressure placed on the misaligned area of the spine/pelvis (aka subluxations) to restore proper alignment and which ensures optimal nerve flow and function throughout the entire body.

In addition to adjusting the upper, middle and lower parts of the spine, prenatal chiropractors also specialise in checking the front of the pelvis (the pubic bone), the sacrum, as well as work to correct irregular ligamentous tension and torque that can place a powerful impact on both mama and baby. Prenatal chiropractors are also specifically trained to use the Webster Technique which is a chiropractic method used to help turn breeched babies.

No. In fact, 99.9% of all people feel some sort of “release” and “relief” after receiving their adjustments.
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