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Andrea’s Birth story

Our first pregnancy was very exciting. It was overall easy for my wife - apart from constant headaches in the first trimester - and we travelled a *lot* in the second trimester. She didn't get sick once during the whole nine month (or the following year). I thought it would be brilliant if everyone was pregnant all the time! Early on, we had attended a rather useless pregnancy course at a well known institution in Singapore, which conveyed almost zero content ('eat healthy', 'don't drink alcohol', 'when the nurse says push, then push etc.'). My wife's first gynea failed to detect her iron deficiency (partially explaining her headaches) and afterwards he told us the baby was rather big, so we should consider a cesarian, something my wife wanted to avoid. So we changed doctors. When my wife suggested to attend a hypno-birthing course I was skeptical at first, but went with it, because my gut told me that she should be in charge when it comes to these decisions. The content resonated well with us and we enjoyed those weekend trips to Holland Village. Every night we diligently prepared for the upcoming birth, going through the scripts, doing perineum massages, [...]

Masami’s Home Water Birth

Even though Masami was laready 36 weeks when she started her HypnoBirthing classes, she made the last minute decision to have a home water birth. The idea of homebirth came up when I met a lady who was planning to have water birth at home over a year ago. I wasn't pregnant then but I planned to have a second child. Although I had a drug-free birth for my first child Emi, she was stuck high up in the birth path after 16 hours of labour and two hours of pushing. She had to be yanked out with forceps. It was not a gentle entry into this world that I had wished for her. I enjoy having a bath at home and, I felt more relaxed in labour with Emi in the bath at Thomsom Medical Center . At Thomson, I hated when I had to come out of the bath in the excruciatingly painful moments of labour. There were several things that I disliked about the hospital birth: leaving my comfortable home in the middle of the labour, being strapped to the fetal monitor while stuck on an elevated hospital bed, and a well-intended but annoying coaxing of the [...]


Sandra was our doula from Four Trimesters for the birth of our son on 19 January 2013. Since we first met Sandra, we have felt comfortable with her friendly manner. On the day of the birth, Sandy felt reassured by Sandra’s guidance and prompt response since the early labour sign occurred. As we left for the hospital in a taxi, Sandy’s water broke unexpectedly and she could feel the baby coming out. Sandra assisted with liaising with our obstetrician and a decision was made to return to our home. We ended up having an unplanned home birth and we immediately felt comforted when Sandra arrived at our home. She calmly guided Sandy through her surges and giving her the reassurance that she needed. Our obstetrician arrived shortly after and together as a team, our doctor and Sandra safely delivered our son. Post the delivery, Sandra guided us through the first breastfeed and everything felt easy for us. While Sandy was feeding, Sandra took care of Sandy at the same time – cleaning her up, changing her clothes, repositioning her for the feed and making sure that Sandy was comfortable and was able to enjoy her bonding time with our son. [...]

Amy’s Unassisted Birth Story

That every pregnancy and birth is different is very clear to me, having had 3 of my own and seen many more. My first was a hospital birth, lots of interventions and drugs, everything short of a caesarian, typically traumatic. My second was with a midwife and doula, fantastically empowering and exhilarating. My third was a planned unassisted birth at home, deeply satisfying. As Debra Pascali-Bonaro, director/producer of the film “Orgasmic Birth” said to me: “It’s been quite a journey for you”.

Homebirths in Singapore

Not too long ago, a fellow Doula who is new on the scene smsed me to asked if I would support parents through their homebirth experience without a midwife or an Obgyn. I could only assume that she was asking the question either for her own coming birth or that she has been recently approached by someone who asked her the same question she asked me. I asked her to ask the “potential” clients to contact me directly instead.