Andrea’s Birth story

Our first pregnancy was very exciting. It was overall easy for my wife - apart from constant headaches in the first trimester - and we travelled a *lot* in the second trimester. She didn't get sick once during the whole nine month (or the following year). I thought it would be brilliant if everyone was pregnant all the time! Early on, we had attended a rather useless pregnancy course at a well known institution in Singapore, which conveyed almost zero content ('eat healthy', 'don't drink alcohol', 'when the nurse says push, then push etc.'). My wife's first gynea failed to detect her iron deficiency (partially explaining her headaches) and afterwards he told us the baby was rather big, so we should consider a cesarian, something my wife wanted to avoid. So we changed doctors. When my wife suggested to attend a hypno-birthing course I was skeptical at first, but went with it, because my gut told me that she should be in charge when it comes to these decisions. The content resonated well with us and we enjoyed those weekend trips to Holland Village. Every night we diligently prepared for the upcoming birth, going through the scripts, doing perineum massages, [...]