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Ellen’s VBAC Story

More and more women are overcoming the old adage 'once a cesarean always a cesarean'. Worldwide, the rates of VBAC (Vaginal Birth After Cesarean) births are increasing as women become better educated and are opting for a 'trial of labour' over a repeat cesarean. Ellen's story is one example of successful [...]

Simonetta’s birth

What are the chances that a doctor will let you have a normal vaginal birth when you are an older mother delivering after two previous c-sections, being Rh negative, with previous babies in the range of 4 kg each and with a history of DVT but otherwise healthy? Well most of the doctors I saw during my pregnancy said that I had no chances of having a natural birth, I could forget it, c-section was the only way to go, no discussion. Against all odds – I did eventually have my healing birth.Against all odds: my third healing birth […]