HypnoBirthing Births

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Jee Kinnear’s story

Hi there all… Princess Leia has arrived… just a day pass her estimated birth date! To be absolutely honest I was getting a little impatient (Winston will say that I got VERY impatient) from the 8th onward!!! Leia was birthed at 5pm on-the-dot on the 11th of August 2007. And this was how it happened… […]

Hui Tze story

I had my first kid in 2011. Back then, I had already envisioned having an epidural-free birth.  And my knowledge on the different pain reliefs during birth and breastfeeding relied largely from hear says from friends. I did attend antenatal classes offered by the hospital which mainly focused on carrying for the baby post partum, briefly sharing on pain reliefs, what happens during labour and breastfeeding. […]