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Andrea’s Birth story

Our first pregnancy was very exciting. It was overall easy for my wife - apart from constant headaches in the first trimester - and we travelled a *lot* in the second trimester. She didn't get sick once during the whole nine month (or the following year). I thought it would [...]

Masami’s Home Water Birth

Even though Masami was laready 36 weeks when she started her HypnoBirthing classes, she made the last minute decision to have a home water birth. The idea of homebirth came up when I met a lady who was planning to have water birth at home over a year ago. I [...]


Sandra was our doula from Four Trimesters for the birth of our son on 19 January 2013. Since we first met Sandra, we have felt comfortable with her friendly manner. On the day of the birth, Sandy felt reassured by Sandra’s guidance and prompt response since the early labour sign [...]

Amy’s Unassisted Birth Story

That every pregnancy and birth is different is very clear to me, having had 3 of my own and seen many more. My first was a hospital birth, lots of interventions and drugs, everything short of a caesarian, typically traumatic. My second was with a midwife and doula, fantastically empowering and exhilarating. My third was a planned unassisted birth at home, deeply satisfying. As Debra Pascali-Bonaro, director/producer of the film “Orgasmic Birth” said to me: “It’s been quite a journey for you”.

Homebirths in Singapore

Not too long ago, a fellow Doula who is new on the scene smsed me to asked if I would support parents through their homebirth experience without a midwife or an Obgyn. I could only assume that she was asking the question either for her own coming birth or that she has been recently approached by someone who asked her the same question she asked me. I asked her to ask the “potential” clients to contact me directly instead.