Birth Stories

Need some inspiration for your birth, breastfeeding and parenting journey? This section features our clients real stories – an insight into the intimate and special journey of pregnancy, birthing and parenting. You are welcome to share these stories via Facebook and social media and you can also comment under each story. May these stories lift your hearts and inspire you. Love, Ginny

HypnoBirthing Births: This features clients who have attended the Four Trimesters HypnoBirthing & Fourth Trimester Antenatal Classes where they learn how to work with their body and labor hard, not labor smart. Some did it on their own and some engaged Doula services – anything and everything is possible.

Water Births: These are HypnoBirthing clients who chose to have a water birth as well as engage Doula services. At the moment, some hospitals offer hypnotherapy (water-immersion) only and/or water birthing – National University Hospital, Thomson Medical Centre and Gleneagles Hospital. Mount Alvernia Hospital and Raffles Hospital’s water birthing facilities are closed until further notice due to staffing issues.

Drug-Free Active Births: These are birth stories from when I used to teach Active Birth Antenatal Classes more than 9 years ago and some are stories from women we have not met however they have had such an amazing birth experience that we had to share it!

Home Births: Yes you too can have a home birth in Singapore with Obgyn Dr Lai Fon-Min at A Company For Women and as life has it, some times a planned hospital birth ends up as an unplanned home birth. Read about them here!

Vaginal Breech Births: That’s right! You read correctly – even if baby is in the breech position, it is possible to have a vaginal breech birth however, only 2 Obgyns in Singapore practice this. To find out more about helping your baby to turn using alternative techniques such as hypnosis and which doctor to go to for your full range of options, email us.

Twin Births: I know its a bit of a stretch here and not the norm in Singapore. Once again, you CAN deliver twins vaginally as long as they are either in the breech or head down positions (and not transverse). Once again, do contact us to find out what your options are. In the meantime, enjoy the stories.

Family Births: We love attending births with kids around – the youngest being 2 years old and the oldest 9 years old. They change the energy of the birth and add so much fun (and sometimes tears to it). What a great family affair!

Epidural Births: Even if a mother decides to have pain-relief during labor and birth, it still can be a good birth experience. At Four Trimesters, we are pro-choice and not pro-natural as we believe in supporting parents through whatever birth they choose to have and as life as it, sometimes we can plan for a drug free birth, however that becomes out of reach. So we enable parents to have their best birth possible, regardless of the outcome.

Vaginal-Birth-After-Cesarean (vbac/ vba2c): With the high cesarean rates in Singapore that ranges from 25-50% at a hospital when the World Health Organization’s (WHO) recommended cesarean rate worldwide is between 11-13%, its no wonder that a vaginal-birth-after-a-cesarean is increasing in demand. And even when research has shown that a vbac is safer than a repeat cesarean, the number of doctors truly supportive of a vbac is still very low in Singapore. Find out why mothers yearn for a vbac and what inspires them!

Cesarean Births: Have you heard of the WHO Baby Friendly Hospital Initiative (BFHI) where the policy encourages mothers to be entitled to immediate skin-to-skin contact and breastfeeding within 10 minutes of the cesarean for at least 45 minutes? If you don’t know your options, you can’t exercise them. So find out how you still can have a wonderful bonding cesarean experience.

Breastfeeding & Parenting: Having breastfeeding challenges especially with low milk supply? Read and be inspired of moms who share their own breastfeeding and parenting journeys with you.

The Birth Partner: Whenever we have our once-a-month DADoula Support Group for men only, the Dads rock the house. Its always truly wonderful to hear the DADoulas share their side of the story.
Doula’s Stories: I wish I had a photographic memory and could illustrate what I witness at births into art. However I can’t. Here are some birth stories I have written over the years. Enjoy!

Testimonials: Here are what some parents have to say about the Doulas who have been trained by Ginny of Four Trimesters. Some of the Doula mentioned no longer work under us or have moved overseas or are on maternity leave. Regardless, we honour them all for having been a part of our dynamic and growing team.