Belly Mapping

Bonding with your unborn baby can be difficult, especially for partners and siblings. Through the process of belly mapping, this bonding and connecting is able to occur. Belly Mapping is a private session with Ginny where she teaches you the three-step process where parents for identifying baby’s position in the final months of pregnancy. Once you locate your baby, Ginny will paint the baby on your belly, incorporating elements of you, your wishes for the baby, and your story for this baby’s birth.

It’s truly so much more than a painting. It is creating the space for stories to unfold, allowing you to piece together your feelings, hopes and dreams for the baby. It creates another channel of connection between baby and you; it allows partners and siblings to visualize what is really happening inside of you.

It allows families to connect and bond with the unborn baby in a unique and tangible way, strengthening the connections that will continue after the birth. The bonding that occurs during belly mapping and painting sessions is profound, and will knit your family together in preparation for baby’s arrival.

A session is about 90-120 minutes in length.

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Please ensure that you wear a two-piece outfit (ie. Separate top and bottom) so I have access to your belly to teach you how to map and paint on your belly. Please be forewarned that your clothes may get stained when in contact with the Caran d’Ache art supplies that we use. We are not liable for any stains/damage/reactions from the products.

Appointments are at either:
1) A Company for Women at Camden Medical Centre
Days: Mondays – Thursdays
Time : 8.30am – 3.30pm
Location: 1 Orchard Boulevard, Camden Medical Centre #03-05/06
Singapore 248649
1.5 hour consultation = $195
2 hour consultation = $235 and every subsequent 1/2 hour thereafter is charged at $55 per 1/2 hour.

2) Four Trimesters at 33 Taman Warna
Days: Mondays – Fridays
Time: Evenings between 6 – 10pm
Location: 33 Taman Warna Singapore 276369
Private Consultations: $235
One session is 2 hours, every subsequent 1/2 hour is $55.

She insists she cannot draw but I think its a spot-on representation. As an elder child, and now working with our older child in welcoming the second, the metaphor of A holding her brother’s heart, and me encapsulating the two of them resonates perfectly. For the first time, I am present to the privilege of carrying the miracle of life as part of my physical, emotional and spiritual being. Though I still feel that women have outsized reproductive burdens, those who bear and rear their children have the privilege and opportunity to enjoy these extraordinary highs of the human experience that are impossible to replicate.
Incorporating J into the picture was an accurate and beautiful touch. He may not be the primary caregiver but he holds the space that enables me to trust and give – and take the plunge to birth at home and jump through all the crazy hoops that parents do with blind faith.

Registering for the Four Trimesters Belly Mapping session is a 2-step process:
1. Go to Calendly and book a date under Belly Mapping Session.
2. Payment to be made via Paypal after your session as cost depends on the location and time taken for the session.

Disclaimer: Should I be called to a birth and I need to reschedule, I will whatsapp you to inform you. Kindly reply my message to acknowledge receipt if so.