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John Gottman’s Bringing Baby Home

Has your relationship with your spouse changed since you had a baby? Want to learn research proven tools that saves marriages? Four Trimesters is now offering John Gottman’s “Bringing Baby Home” (BBH) workshop for expectant and new parents. See details of the upcoming workshop below. In this workshop couples gain a sense of empowerment by learning new skills to:  • Prepare for the transition to parenthood • Maintain relationship satisfaction after having a baby • Promote positive parent-baby interactions • Promote quality involvement for both parents • Reduce the incidence or severity of postpartum mood disorders […]

Ho Huong Tra’s story

I had a relatively smooth pregnancy (except for the last few weeks) and had many reasons to think that breastfeeding would be natural and easy for me.  During the waiting 9 months, I’ve chatted with many friends who have “been there, done that” and was given tons of tips on parenting, but none talked much about breastfeeding. I delivered through C-section in early January and soon afterwards it turned out that breastfeeding wasn’t as easy as I anticipated. The second day after birth, milk (or colostrum as it should be) had not flowed in, and I comfortably left much of the feeding for the hospital nursing staff to feed my baby with formular using bottle.  The third day, still not much sign of milk, so I sticked to the same solution (although less comfortably), and noone told me that bottle-feeding would jeopadize my later breastfeeding efforts, since the baby would grow to like the bottle and therefore would not develop his sucking motion.  By the end of the third and the fourth day, the problem grew to be rather obvious: my baby wasn’t very enthusiastic with the breast at all.  Stop using the bottle would leave him hungry, however continue [...]

Norah’s birth story

Friday 11th August 2006 I had been having surges (contractions) on and off for about a week, just tightening of the muscles, no pain. Surges started in earnest immediately after getting off the phone withfriend Kate (also in her third trimester) at 5:45pm so we got started on some relaxation techniques. I put on some music and did some breathing exercises on the ball and Scott timed the contractions for about an hour. We rang Ginny when we left for the hospital, loaded up with bags and birthing ball. It was a very calm journey, not too much traffic, and easy to breathe through. On arrival Ginny and Scott set up, laying out heat packs, filling the tub, putting lavender oil in the burner and relaxation music on. The staff set up a 20 minute monitoring strip, checked and found that I was already at 5cm (about what I expected based on Angus’ birth) and then left us alone. Scott read a script to me to help me relax and once the initial monitoring was finished I was free to move around. At some point Scott left to get some dinner and Ginny suggested I get into the tub. I [...]

Ellen’s VBAC Story

More and more women are overcoming the old adage 'once a cesarean always a cesarean'. Worldwide, the rates of VBAC (Vaginal Birth After Cesarean) births are increasing as women become better educated and are opting for a 'trial of labour' over a repeat cesarean. Ellen's story is one example of successful VBAC. Birth Announcement: Who: Kayla Ai Porter-Bhassi (Meaning 'Pure Love' /of Greek and Japanese origin) Darling Daughter of Bal and Ellen Little Sister to Kynan Zeke Born Where: Thomson Medical Cntr, Singapore Born When:  26th August 2004, 19.50hr's (3 days past edd) Born How:  VBAC (Vaginal Birth after C/Section) Natural un-medicated labour and normal birth) Weight: 4.14 kg's Length: 52cm Head Circumference: 37cm Looks:  Like big brother Kynan.  (Black hair, brown eyes, squashed ears, but with bigger nose, sharper chin, longer head, and chubby just like him)  Birth Story- A Brief Overview:  Labour proper started 9pm 25th August.  SMS'd my doula (birth assistant) on and off through the night, while Bal and Kynan slept. Next morning granny came to watch Kynan while Bal went to hand-over stuff at work.  I chatted w her on the sofa and went to our bedroom w each contraction.  Kynan played.  As contractions got closer, [...]

Cindy’s breech birth story

The Blossom of Our Love - Kaiera Grace Kaixin Begent-Chia Beanie, as we have been calling our little darling since the day we had our first ultrasound scan, because she, at 7.5 weeks, looked like a jellybean, was born on 14 December 2004 at 5.14pm, in Room 6 of Thomson Medical Centre. Her birth was a miracle, one that cannot be done without God, one that might possibly be filled with discouragement without Tim and Ginny. I can't remember the exact time that each significant event happened during the labour and during Beanie's birth. But each step towards her birth was like a graduation, a triumph, a battle won! At Week 36, who would have known Beanie would be born on that day. I mean, her EDD was supposed to be 4 weeks later on 08 January 2005. Moreover, Beanie was still in the upright position despite our two-week long effort in trying all sorts of positions and methods to turn her, including moxa sticks and tilting the bed. She hasn't turned. In fact, I was supposed to do a ECV when I visit Dr Paul Tseng at my next appointment if Beanie still hadn't turned by then. (Funny thing [...]

William & Sabrina Wong

03:48am .begins the long journey of 45 hours before the arrival of Sammy. Since Sammy was in breech presentation, we decided to head for the hospital once the water bag leaked with some contractions. Within that period of time, we heard many 'births' in the labour ward and wondered when it would be our turn! Night turned into day and day into night.We were really glad that Ginny was on call and she provided very professional advice and guidance with regards to different birthing positions to ease the pain, offering options for decision making as well as explaining whatever we had no clue of. Her presence and expertise throughout the entire pregnancy and birth was critical to achieving the birth experience we wanted. 22 Feb 2005 7:21pm - Sammy finally arrived!! Weight : 3.08kg Length: 52cm William & Sabrina Wong  

Sabrina’s Breech Birth

The Experience of a Life-time! Giving birth seems to be so natural and generally, nobody would give you specific details of what it was like. Maybe everything happened so fast or it was all a 'blur' or mother nature just makes mothers forget the whole ordeal. well, I don't know but I sure do not want to miss out on it when my turn comes! Yes, I wanted it to be a meaningful experience, something that would be an experience of a life-time. Having a doula (Ginny) on board seems to be the most logical thing to do and I felt that she would be critical to achieving the birth experience (drug-free and minimal intervention). Having embarked on this journey, William and I started reading up and learnt a lot more about pregnancy and birth. Ginny gave us private pre-natal classes which were great because of our irregular schedules and also, we are pretty private persons, that arrangement suited us well. Ginny was like a walking resource and it was really great to be able to have an independent party to talk about things rather than purely from a medical point of view. I would not have achieved the birth experience I [...]


Sandra was our doula from Four Trimesters for the birth of our son on 19 January 2013. Since we first met Sandra, we have felt comfortable with her friendly manner. On the day of the birth, Sandy felt reassured by Sandra’s guidance and prompt response since the early labour sign occurred. As we left for the hospital in a taxi, Sandy’s water broke unexpectedly and she could feel the baby coming out. Sandra assisted with liaising with our obstetrician and a decision was made to return to our home. We ended up having an unplanned home birth and we immediately felt comforted when Sandra arrived at our home. She calmly guided Sandy through her surges and giving her the reassurance that she needed. Our obstetrician arrived shortly after and together as a team, our doctor and Sandra safely delivered our son. Post the delivery, Sandra guided us through the first breastfeed and everything felt easy for us. While Sandy was feeding, Sandra took care of Sandy at the same time – cleaning her up, changing her clothes, repositioning her for the feed and making sure that Sandy was comfortable and was able to enjoy her bonding time with our son. [...]

Joon-Nies’s birth

Thurs 25 May 2006 11:30pm Felt a cramp -- ah, must be Braxton-Hicks.Fri 26 May 2006 Midnight: Oh -- there goes another one.12:30pm: And another... Hmmm... There seems to be a pattern here.1am: And another... Is this IT? 1:30am: Try to sleep 3:30am: Surges are preventing me from falling asleep. Toss around bit more. Some folks say first births can take hours -- no need to panic yet. 4am: Jabbed hubby, "Hey, I think we'll have to go to hospital later this morning." "Um um, ok, ok. Snore..." With surges now every 20 mins or so, I can't sleep. Get up to gather remaining things to take to hospital. Being the procrastinators that we are, we are of course, not fully packed yet. After all, this is only Week 38 and we had asked baby to hang in there till Week 39 and 6 days so she could share mummy's birthday! But looks like she's not gonna heed our request. 6am: Surges now 5 mins apart. I take a nice long leisurely shower. Might be my last for several hours/days to come. The warm water on my belly *definitely* helps take the edge of the surges. Hubby starts picking up speed (and his things). I suggest we start timing the length of surges. [...]

Elaine’s Birth

My labour started on Monday night, when I started to feel some contractions but they were infrequent and irregular, so I didn't think it was anything.Tuesday morning, I had the first sign of bloody show but not many contractions, so went to work as usual. Throughout the work day, I was getting regular contractions, but no one could tell that I was already in the early stages of labour. Contractions were mild at first but started to get stronger in the late afternoon. I was prepared that I would not come into work the next day. So I packed my table and washed my cups. But still didn't tell anyone, as I was afraid it would be a false alarm. After all, I was only 38 weeks along and Dr Paul had predicted that I would deliver near or after my due date.By the time I got home in the evening, contractions were getting more frequent. When they were 8-10 minutes apart, I texted Aaron and we decided to go to the hospital that evening. He had to rush home from work. We were totally not prepared for this and still had lots of last minute packing to do.We arrived at the hospital at 8.45pm. I showed the nurse my birth plan and she sniffed [...]