Four Trimesters Antenatal Group Classes

Four Trimesters Antenatal Classes enable parents to have an easy, short, relaxed and comfortable birth, gently welcoming their baby into the world. In this class, you will learn powerful techniques for relaxation and for preparing the muscles in the body for birth. You will feel empowered to create a positive mindset for the pregnancy, labor, birth, and parenting. The class helps you work with your body by understanding the functions of your hormones so that you labor smart—not hard.

Your body is innately designed to give birth – we just help you to get rid of the noise that gets in the way of your body being able to do this. Knowledge can help you trust your body and relax into the experience, knowing your body will move things along in its own way. Knowledge keeps you calm during birth and gives you the understanding to employ the right strategies to move labor along if it stalls. Knowledge prepares you for the interventions that may be suggested in the delivery room so you can confidently make decisions if complications arise.

This knowledge can be gained by understanding the principles of active birthing, HypnoBirthing, and Spinning Babies. The power of HypnoBirthing is unmatched for providing significantly shorter and easier deliveries. You learn about the power of affirmations in preparing your mind for birth, helping you to trust your body and have confidence in its power to do what it needs to do. Spinning Babies methods concern the optimal positioning of the baby in the womb and ways to achieve this during pregnancy and labor. All of our doulas are trained in these methods and they are able to guide you during labor and delivery to use them optimally. These methods can help you to avoid a cesarean by giving you an understanding of the obstacles baby can face on its way into your arms and what you can do to alleviate these issues.

Our thorough class will also prepare you to care for your baby after birth through breastfeeding, creating a safe environment for your baby, and understanding baby’s zones and cycles during a 24-hour period. This knowledge will leave you feeling empowered and calm—able to confidently make choices for your baby and your family.

The wealth of information presented in the Four Trimesters Antenatal Class is like no other, and the bonds you form with other parents in the class will last a lifetime. These people will be your allies and your partners as you experience the highs and lows of the parenthood adventure.

Why Choose a Four Trimesters Class?
What makes the Four Trimesters Antenatal Classes very unique is that is it taught by practicing Birth Doulas who are also in the know of what actually happens at the birth be it at the hospital, birth house or homebirths, as well as actively supporting women and their families postnatally.

We do not just prepare you for birth; we prepare you for motherhood. We give you the knowledge you need about both the art and science of giving birth, breastfeeding, and newborn care so you can make the right decisions for you and your family. Your body is innately designed to give birth–we just help you to get rid of the noise that gets in the way of your body being able to do this. We do not push you towards any particular outcome—we support you to have the birth experience that you want. We know motherhood is a journey, one in which we take joy in walking with you. When a baby is born, so too is a mother and father born. Our classes are a safe space where you can learn all you need to know for a successful transition during this incredible time in your life.

A class at Four Trimesters is so much more than a class — it is knowledge, support, and camaraderie all rolled up into one. You will be walked through everything you need to know, one step at a time. You and your partner will be fully prepared to make informed decisions for the health and wellness of your baby. Whether you choose to have a drug-free birth, a birth with drugs, or a cesarean, our antenatal classes make the process so much easier.

✔ Shortens the duration of labor and birth

✔ Reduces the need for medication

✔ Reduces rates of intervention

✔ Reduces postpartum depression

With Spinning Babies, you will learn how the fascia, ligaments, and pelvis work together to bring baby into an ideal position. The Three Principles of Balance, Gravity, and Movement will help you understand the role each part of a woman’s anatomy plays in birth and delivery.  Specific methods will be provided for changing posterior position and reducing breech and transverse lie, thereby reducing the need for a cesarean delivery.  When labor stalls, there are often distinct reasons for the hold-up. Understanding baby’s location at every point will help you to remove the indicated obstacles through the three principles.  Labor can progress naturally through optimal fetal positioning.

❏ Class 1: Hypnosis for Childbirthg
Objectives: Work with your subconscious mind and your emotions towards the birth that you want.

  • Introduction to HypnoBirthing®: How and Why it works
  • The innate design of your pregnant and laboring body and how it helps you deliver your baby
  • The Power of Affirmations: How fear affects labor and techniques to work through your fears
  • Deep Relaxation & Hypnosis

❏ Class 2: Preparing your Body for Birthing
Objectives: Learn techniques to use for relaxation during labor. Learn techniques to use during pregnancy to prepare your body for birth.

  • HypnoBirthing Breathing & Relaxation Techniques
  • Spinning Babies* Anatomy & Right Obliquity
  • Spinning Babies* Balancing, Movement & Gravity exercises for Pregnancy, Labor & Birth

❏ Class 3: Writing your Birth Plan
Objectives: Make informed choices about your childbirth options to optimize the birth situation regardless of the outcome. Bridge the gap between what you read, what you understand, and how to apply the knowledge learned.

  • Writing your Birth Plan
  • Understanding the benefits and risks of common medical routine procedures to make an informed choice
  • Communicating your Birth Plan to your Healthcare Providers

❏ Class 4: Labor & Birth
Objectives: Integrate prior learning and incorporate it into labor and birth. Equip yourself and your birth partner with strategies to handle the progression of labor.

  • How labor starts and the stages of labor
  • When to go to the hospital and what to expect
  • Comfort measures to cope with labor for both you and your birth partner in a progressive labor
  • Spinning Babies and solution focused labor techniques to use to help labor to progress if it slows down or stalls, or to use in a complicated labor

❏ Class 5: Breastfeeding
Objectives: Understand the art and science of breastfeeding.

  • Baby Care Plan
  • The First Hour After Birth
  • Postpartum Changes for the Mother & Postpartum Depression
  • 6 steps to make breastfeeding easier:
  • 1. Demand & Supply
  • 2. Baby-Led Breastfeeding: Biological Nurturing
  • 3. Mother-Led Breastfeeding: Attachment & Positioning
  • 4. How to tell if baby is getting enough?
  • 5. How often does a baby need to feed?
  • 6. Solutions to Common Problems

❏ Class 6: The Fourth Trimester
Objectives: Understand baby’s needs and communication. Prepare your home for baby.

  • Understanding Stages of Development and Baby’s Zones in a 24 hour cycle:
  • Ready, Resting, Rebooting, SOS
  • Infant Sleep
  • Baby Wearing
  • Baby Care, Green Parenting & Living
  • Baby-proofing your Marriage with Purpose-Led Family Living
  • Baby Care Plan (Q&A)

1. Materials

  • Four Trimesters Antenatal Class Workbook
  • Pens and easy reference information sheets

2.Weekly emails & Whatsapp Group Chats

    Clients are all circulated in a group email and a Whatsapp group chat where they will receive at least one email after every class with a summary of what we covered in each class and links and resources for further reading. We also encourage open communication and discussions in the Whatsapp group chats.

3. Email Support

    You can email your instructors your questions or concerns during the duration of the course.


    We will serve home-baked cakes, fresh fruit, sandwiches and beverages. Should you have any food restrictions, kindly prepare your own snacks.
Saturday Antenatal Group Classes (6 sessions x 4 hours: 2-6pm):

  • 30 June, 7, 14, 21, 4 & 11 Aug 2018 (no class on 28/8/18)
  • 3, 10, 17, 24 Nov, 1 & 8 Dec 2018

Sunday Intensive Antenatal Group Classes (3 sessions x 7 hours: 11-6pm):

  • 1, 8, 15 Jul 2018
  • 6, 13, 20 Oct 2018 (Saturdays)
  • 14, 11, 18 Nov 2018
  • 4, 11, 18 Nov 2018

*We only start classes with a min. of 5 couples and maximum 12 couples. Schedules might change, so please check back to confirm the dates when making your bookings.

What if I miss a class?
You can either join another group class if there are available spaces or top up the difference of SG$150 and have a private session (up to a total of 2 hours, every subsequent hour will be charged at $55).

 How many people are in the class?
We only start classes with a min. of 5 couples and maximum 12 couples. Schedules might change, so please check back to confirm the dates when making your bookings.

What if I give birth before I finish the classes?
We do not offer refunds for the group classes.

Fees paid are non-refundable and non-transferable.

My first child was born just over two months after we arrived in Singapore and attending the excellent Four Trimesters antenatal class was the best birth preparation I could have wished for. My partner and I wanted to know what choices would be available to us during labour and – having heard lots of my friends’ birth horror stories over the years – I didn’t want to be at the mercy of modern medicine and only able to react to whatever happened to me. We both wanted to have a voice that would be respected in our baby’s birth and the course gave us the knowledge to ensure this happened. It was highly informative, almost encyclopaedic, and included different learning formats some of which lent themselves to many funny moments (learning the sills of breast massage on a balloon!) It was hosted in the relaxed and welcoming atmosphere of Ginny’s home with refreshments available so I and the other participants felt truly looked after. It was in stark contrast to the antenatal class I attended at one of the hospitals where we were told what would be happening to us ‘you will have an episiotomy… you will have an epidural’ and where the classes were ‘light’ on the information I wanted but very comprehensive on the consumption side of childbirth e.g. the assortment of aromatherapy oils available, food menu options and the importance of candlelit dinners during pregnancy!!!

In a phrase, I’d say the Four Trimesters course is the ‘thinking person’s antenatal class’.
Lucy Parker, UK
Anthropologist and Communications Consultant


We had such an amazing HypnoBirthing experience all thanks to the Four Trimesters HypnoBirthing classes and detailed advice on support strategy. It was the most valuable investment we have made to welcome our daughter to the world in best way possible, enjoying the wonderful babymoon and start of breastfeeding!!! We are filled with gratitude <3 – Sayuri and Geoffroy


Although I initially had not intended to attend the Four Trimesters Fourth Trimester Breastfeeding class, I decided to do so after being very impressed with Ginny’s style of teaching the Four Trimesters HypnoBirthing classes. Now that I’ve finally weaned after extended breastfeeding, I look back and realise how HUGELY valuable it was to my very successful and gratifying breastfeeding experience. It gave me the confidence I needed to know exactly what to do from the moment my child was born. I have compared my own birth and breastfeeding experience with those of my peers and trace much of my good start and continued commitment to the classes. None of the books gave us the tips that this class did. I honestly believe that this was so valuable that every parent should attend these classes. We didn’t know how valuable it would prove then however looking back, it was the best investment ever!
I was so impressed with the Four Trimesters HypnoBirthing & Fourth Trimester classes that I have and will continue to recommend it to anyone growing a baby.

Four Trimesters Antenatal classes: $895

Full payment for the Four Trimesters Antenatal Group Classes (SGD$895.00) is required at the time of the booking to confirm your space in class.
1. Fill up the registration form.
2. Upon confirmation of the workshop, we will email you an invoice via paypal.


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