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Some women have expressed interest in attending my upcoming DONA Birth and/or Postpartum Doula Training in Feb/Mar 2018.

Its intense, it goes deep, it strips off layers... Attending the workshop is *just* the beginning. After which, we go into the 6 month mentoring program together with the Purpose Led Workshops that I lead to weave together all aspects of your life.

If training to become a Doula is something that interests you, and you would like to find out more, make a *PHONE CALL* appt with me at this link to find out more: www.calendly.com/ginnyphang

If you already know that you want to train as one, sign up at this link:

Doulaing with a warm heart because birth matters, Ginny ❤

ps: below is a snippet of one of the weekly mentoring sessions that I facilitate with the Four Trimesters Team.
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I said to one of the class clients that I should write a post to enable parents to establish a routine for their mental, emotional & physically practice in preparation for childbirth when I realised that even after the second class, they have not established a daily routine yet.

So let me start with a story 🤩 Neil Bearden signed up for my antenatal classes last year. What caught my attention was that he would squat his way thru our antenatal classes and whenever he was at the Drs clinic for their prenatal visits, I would often find him squatting outside my office door at the clinic. A man of few words, I did not know then that he was a Professor at Insead. Anyway, Neil and his wife soon became friends - the very few he would have and would gift me with strange gifts like a squat potty. I have since sat in at his lectures at Insead as a guest (together with my family) and I see him once in 3-4 months for kettlebell training sessions.

Neil is a man of few words which also meant that there is no room for excuses. The ‘problem’ is... *the body never lies*, which means that when it’s time for our next session to assess progress and push to the next level, only my physical strength would reflect the truth and if I had diligently clocked in my hours to get to where I am whenever I see him at the carpark of his apartment.

Apart from seeing him once every 3-4 months - schedules permitting - I will sms him a screenshot of my exercise log, weight and body fat on a weekly basis as a form of accountability for myself.

Unknown to those who know that Neil trains my family, Neil came into my life at a time when all my dreams were materialising however on the inside, I was like a new mother going thru postpartum depression. The expansion of Four Trimesters Birth Sanctuary was my “birth” and consumed the whole of me, that I found no time for self care. From being someone who worked out 1-2 hours every day to someone who had to drag herself out of bed.

Neil didn’t give me much of an opportunity to indulge into my stories that everyone else would. He refused to buy it. All he did was settle for 10 kettlebell swings a day and gifting us with a set of kettlebells which my family and his postpartum wife had to carry to my home whilst he walked with his daughter in their cargo print pram to my home 😂 for the records, it took 1 hour for my 16 year old to get the kettlebells 2km home and Neil would not give up on... pushing Kieran thru with his baby girl in the pram.

Today, whilst teaching me how to do shoulder presses, I gave up on the last set of my first attempt, and he taught me the lesson of developing “grind” - to push thru even when I didn’t feel like I had anything left in the tank. Developing grind is the difference between whether u will make it thru or give up halfway. The problem is... when we give ourselves the excuse that we cannot do anymore, we also develop the skill of not following thru especially when the tough got going.

What can u do today to start your daily practices? What are u gonna do today to enable u to push thru on Labor Day? #fourtrimestersbirthsanctuary #shedeservesthebirthshedesires #doulaingwithawarmheartbecausebirthmatters
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