Sufen’s Lactation Cookies

When I started belly mapping and belly painting, I discovered that “every belly tells a story”. I once even had the privilege of painting the bellies of a group of women who weren’t even pregnant and stumbled upon one who carried 8 pregnancies of which only 4 made it into this world.

Sufen’s lactation cookies also tells a story. When she found out that I wanted to experiment with baking lactation cookies, she generously shared her power packed lactation cookie recipe with me and it’s the recipe that we have probably baked the most!

What’s special about Sufen’s lactation cookies is the memories that come with it. I was Sufen’s doula for her 3rd and 4th birth.

The 4th birth was hilarious 😂 A petite woman who births good sized babies - think more than 4kg when she is about 1.5m tall - she was laboring in an inflatable tub at home with her back leaning against her tub and her husband sitting outside of the tub supporting her with her head resting on his shoulder. As she rolled her head from side to side as her labor intensified, she started getting annoyed with her husband off for having his head in the way, and we all bit our tongue to hold ourselves back from bursting into laughter because we would have to decapitate his head for it to not be in the way!

A week after the birth of her daughter - this being her 3rd birth, one of the Doctors called me to inform me that Sufen’s second child passed away. I was standing in the kitchen in shock and called one of my doula sisters crying, unsure of what to do.

The details after that were blurry - I was there every day at the wake taking care of her baby. My helper and I baked every day to provide sweet refreshments to their friends and family. I don’t remember the details... maybe choosing not to.

What I do remember was the story of the afternoon when he passed away. Both her sons were sick with H1N1 and were napping in the next room. She too was asleep when an angel appeared in her dream and asked her to choose which son she would like to keep. She woke up when she made a choice and ran to the other room to find one son dead in his sleep.

One of the worse things I personally think any parent can ever experience is to watch her child die before her. Admittedly this is one of my worse fears. My father died when I was 2.5 years old. When my son was close to 2.5 years old, I went thru’ months of anxiety where I was afraid he would die, and leave me too. Completely irrational yet so real in every sense of the word. Only when he made it to 3 years old, did the fear dissipate.

From one mother to another, we will never understand each other’s pain and the cross that we bear and carry. We can merely form the circle of strength, love and support to hold the space for each other. From my arms to yours, and yours to mine. Each our own to “own” and each our ability to “reach out” and support.

This is the story of Sufen’s lactation cookies - of motherhood, family, love & life ❤️ shared with Sufen’s permission.

To honor the space, I do ask that you all refrain from commenting. Instead let’s silently be grateful to have our child(ren) safely with us, to honor lost child(ren), and child(ren) that has yet to come 🙏🏻

You can place your orders for Sufen’s cookies by whatsapping me at 94751585 by 6pm tmr. Self collection at Four Trimesters Birth Sanctuary from Tuesday to Thursday. $16 per box.
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A love note for our in-house Chiropractor and Doula Janelle Dong MacBay ❤️ #fourtrimestersbirthsanctuary #doulaingwithawarmheartbecausebirthmatters #shedeservesthebirthshedesires ... See MoreSee Less

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Some women have expressed interest in attending my upcoming DONA Birth and/or Postpartum Doula Training in Feb/Mar 2018.

Its intense, it goes deep, it strips off layers... Attending the workshop is *just* the beginning. After which, we go into the 6 month mentoring program together with the Purpose Led Workshops that I lead to weave together all aspects of your life.

If training to become a Doula is something that interests you, and you would like to find out more, make a *PHONE CALL* appt with me at this link to find out more: www.calendly.com/ginnyphang

If you already know that you want to train as one, sign up at this link:

Doulaing with a warm heart because birth matters, Ginny ❤

ps: below is a snippet of one of the weekly mentoring sessions that I facilitate with the Four Trimesters Team.
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